The Bombardier 415 SuperScooper (Image © Bombardier)

50th Bombardier CL-415 SuperScooper

The Bombardier 415 SuperScooper (Image © Bombardier)
The Bombardier 415 SuperScooper (Image © Bombardier)

Bombardier celebrated the sale and delivery of its 50th iconic Bombardier 415 (CL-415) SuperScooper amphibious aircraft assembled at its North Bay, Ontario facility, on November 3rd, 2013. The aircraft, purchased by a partnership led by Tenax Aerospace, LLC of Ridgeland, Mississippi, will be used under contract to the United States Forest Service starting next month.

Based on the list price, the Bombardier contract is valued at approximately $34.5 million USD.

The Bombardier 415 SuperScooper aircraft is probably one of the best firefighters around and is able to be operated in rough terrain. The originally Canadair CL-415 is the only aircraft specifically built as an aerial firefighting airplane. It is able to land on unpaved runways, lakes, rivers and seas, enabling both rapid initial attacks to extinguish fires and sustained attacks to contain fires.

While the 50th Bombardier 415 aircraft to roll out of North Bay, Ontario is the first to be sold to a United States customer, a total of five State and privately owned CL-215 aircraft, the predecessor to the Bombardier 415 aircraft, are currently operated in the United States.

Since the first Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft was delivered in 1994, a total of 85 Bombardier 415 and four Bombardier 415 MP aircraft have been delivered to governments and firefighting agencies around the world. In addition, 80 CL-215 and CL-215T amphibious piston aircraft remain in service worldwide.

The Bombardier 415 firefighter aircraft has a normal cruise speed of 180 KT (333 km/h) under certain conditions. In an average mission of six nautical miles (11 kilometres) distance from water to fire, it can complete nine drops within an hour and precisely deliver 14,589 US gallons (55,233 litres) of fire suppressant.

Source: Bombardier

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