The EADS/PTDI CN235 MPA Persuader of the Indonesian Navy (Image © PTDI)

Naval CN235 Persuader airborne in Indonesia

The EADS/PTDI CN235 MPA (Image © PTDI)
The EADS/PTDI CN235 MPA (Image © PTDI)

The Indonesian Navy started operations with the new EADS/PTDI CN235 Persuader this week. Two additional aircraft will follow in 2014, but the need for more is high said Indonesian Minister of Defence Purnomo Yusgiantoro to journalists from regional Antara News.

“Indonesia actually needs 21 CN235 MPAs to control the territory”, stated Yusgiantoro. The Indonesian Navy has to cover 5.9 million square kilometers of water, if one includes the so-called economic zone of the country.

The CN235 Persuaders does maritime surveillance, search and rescue (SAR), economic zone control, marine pollution prevention and control, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare. The aircraft’s on station time is 8.5 hours in which it can travel 1,665 miles. The aircraft can be armed with air-to-surface and anti-submarine weapons, but it is uncertain right now which weapons the Indonesian Navy is planning to use.

Apart from two crew on the flightdeck, the mission crew can be up to 10 or 11 specialists, with the control heart in the mid-section of the cabin being a sideways placed console with four big LCDs and other electronics manned by two operators.

Source: Antara / PTDI