The 5th RCAF CH-147F Chinook (Image © Boeing)

5th Canadian CH-147F delivered ahead of schedule

The 5th RCAF CH-147F Chinook (Image © Boeing)
The 5th RCAF CH-147F Chinook (Image © Boeing)

The Royal Canadian Air Force got its 5th Boeing CH-147F Chinook one month ahead of schedule, three months after the arrival of the first machine in June.

Boeing is scheduled to deliver two more CH-147Fs this year and another eight by June 2014 to provide Canada with its full order of 15 Chinooks.

The CH-147F Chinook is a medium-lift helicopter with a longer range than older examples thanks to a newer fuel system. Furthermore, the F-model features upgraded electrical systems and a digital automatic control system to help the pilot, especially with landings in difficult circumstances like dust kicking deserts. The so-called Aircraft Survivability Equipment suite includes a Directional Infrared Countermeasures system that increases the self-defences of the aircraft.

Source: Boeing

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