Anglo-French combat: Joint Warrior kicks off

RAF Typhoon ZJ803 during an earlier training (Image © Marcel Burger)
RAF Typhoon ZJ803 during an earlier exercise (Image © Marcel Burger)

Royal Air Force Tornados, Armée de l’Air (AdlA) Mirage 2000-5s, Orion maritime patrol aircraft and much more gets airborne on Sunday October 6 in the skies of the United Kingdom as the autumn edition of the joint Anglo-French combat exercise Joint Warrior kicks off.

About 60 to 80 aircraft will take part in the air, sea and ground operations, including 40 aircraft from the Royal Air Force. RAF Wing Commander Steve Boyle responsible for the planning explains: “Joint Warrior simulates a very broad range of evolving crisis and conflict scenarios that could be realistically experienced in current and recent operations. We do this to meet the participant nations training needs.”

Disciplines to display include so-called Composite Air Operations. Aircraft of different types, roles and units fly from varied locations in the UK and France and are combined into one package. When practicing Close Air Support sometimes aircraft will use live weapons. The same goes for the Joint Fires, when ships off the coast, land mortars and combat aircraft will engage targets on the Cape Wrath Weapons Range. Furthermore Joint Warrior will see intelligence gathering and dispatch of imagery and video through other forces, anti-submarine warfare and counter piracy.

Joint Warrior is held twice a year. During the current 11-day joint multinational 2013 autumn edition aircraft will fly from the following locations.

RAF Brize Norton, England
Air-to-air refueling tankers

RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland
RAF Tornado GR4s
US Navy P-3
Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora
Aéronautique Navale (French Naval Aviation) Atlantique 2
Marine (German Navy) P-3C

RAF Marham, England
RAF Tornado GR4s

RAF Leeming, England
RAF Typhoons (normally based at RAF Leuchars)
RAF Hawks
AdlA KC-135
AdlA Mirage 2000Ns

BA116 Luxeuil/St.Sauveur, France
Mirage 2000-5Fs

Ships at sea
Corvette L16 Absalon (Denmark, flagship, capable of carrying 2 helicopters), HMS Monmouth, HMS Portland, HMS Somerset, HMS Sutherland, HMS Cattistock, HMS Brocklesby, HMS Bangor, Type 23 Frigate HMS Northumberland and undisclosed ships from the navies of Norway and France.

Source: RAF/RN/Danish Navy