War talk: RAF deploys 6 Typhoon fighters

RAF Typhoon ZJ803 during an earlier training (Image © Marcel Burger)
RAF Typhoon ZJ803 during an earlier training (Image © Marcel Burger)

The Royal Air Force deployed six Typhoon fighter jets to its Akrotiri base at Cyprus on Thursday morning August 29th.

,,This is part of ongoing contingency planning”, an RAF official writes in a press release. ,,This is a precautionary measure, specifically aimed at protecting UK interests and the defence of our Sovereign Base Areas at a time of heightened tension in the wider region. This is a movement of defensive assets operating in an air-to-air role only. They are not deploying to take part in any military action against Syria.”

But in case there will be action the Eurofighter Typhoons can quickly be retasked with other missions, although interdiction of Syrian airspace seems highly risky at first if one considers the country’s ground based air defences.

,,The Prime Minister has made clear no decision has been taken on the UK’s response to the situation in Syria and there will be a House of Commons vote before any direct military involvement”, according to the RAF press release.

Later on Thursday the British parliament voted against military actions against Syria, so the possible re-tasking of the Typhoons is out of the question.

Source: RAF