Aeromexico’s first Dreamliner

First Aeromexico Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Image © Boeing)
First Aeromexico Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Image © Boeing)

Aeromexico received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner on August 16th, 2013, in Mexico City, after take-off earlier from Boeing Everett in Washington on the US west coast.

The airplane is the first of nine 787-8 airplanes that Aeromexico will operate, including five on lease from ILFC. The airline will operate a total of 19 Dreamliners, including 10 787-9 models ordered last year. Aeromexico’s 787 Dreamliners will be configured with 32 Clase Premier lie-flat seats and 211 seats in economy class.

Aeromexico is the second customer to take delivery of an airplane leased through ILFC, with the Aeromexico’s plane being the 702nd Boeing aircraft to the lease company.

The 787 Dreamliner is composed of durable composites and features numerous system, engine and aerodynamic advancements providing airlines with a fuel efficiency up to 20 percent less than on other aircraft with a similar size.

To date, the 787 has been ordered 930 times by 57 customers worldwide.

Source: Boeing