Tupolev Tu-204CM airliner ready to go

The new Tupolev Tu-204CM passenger aircraft. (Image © Tupolev)
The new Tupolev Tu-204CM passenger aircraft. (Image © Tupolev)

The world’s airlines have a new, improved aircraft available to meet their demands: the Tupolev Tu-204CM received its flight certification this summer, reports the Russian design company.

400 tests were performed after which the Russian Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee gave the Tu-204CM the certificate with the number ST233-Tu-204-120SE/D10. With that the aircraft is okay-ed for passenger traffic.

The Tu-204CM is a much modernized version of the Tu-204-100E, using the new PS-90A2 engines with enhanced service life and reliability compared to their predecessors. The flight crew is treated with upgraded and new systems as well.

According to the Tupolev company the Tu-204CM has better flight characteristics and is more efficient, more comfortable and easier to maintain than the older Tu-204s. ,,It equals other modern jet aircraft”, writes a spokesperson.

First flight of the first Tu-204 series was in 1989, the aircraft being the Russian answer to the American Boeing 757. The Tu-204 is able to accommodate more than 210 passengers. Deliveries of the Tu-204CM are scheduled to begin in 2014, although the aircraft company did not mention specific customers.

Source: Туполев (Tupolev)