Cameroon AF gets CN235

Cameroon Air Force Airbus CN235 (Image © Airbus Military)
Cameroon Air Force Airbus CN235 (Image © Airbus Military)

The Cameroon Air Force got its first and only new Airbus (CASA) CN235 medium transport aircraft, reports Airbus Military.

The handover makes Cameroon the sixteenth sub-Saharan nation to operate Airbus Military’s family of light and medium aircraft. Altogether 61 countries now operate the Airbus Military light and medium family of airlifters and surveillance aircraft – the C212, CN235 and C295.

The CN235 is can carry a six tonne payload and operates in hot, dusty and humid conditions and on unprepared runways. It has a fair short take-off and landing capability, and its cabin can be reconfigured for a variety of transport missions such as carrying troops, cargo, mixed loads or for medical evacuation.

Source: Airbus Military

Cameroon Air Force (Armée de l’Air du Cameroun) status as of July 2013

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Active number of aircraft: 20

  • 4x Dassault Breguet / Dornier Alpha Jet trainer and light attack aircraft
  • 1x Airbus CN235 medium transport aircraft
  • 3x Lockheed C-130H tactical transport aircraft
  • 1x Gulfstream III VIP transport
  • 1x Aérospatiale SA332 Super Puma transport helicopter
  • 1x Aérospatiale SA330 Puma transport helicopter
  • 1x Aérospatiale SA318 Alouette II utlity helicopter
  • 1x Bell 412 utility helicopter
  • 7x Humbert Tetras training aircraft

Airbases: 3
Douala, Garoua, Yaoundé

The number and type of active aircraft are confirmed by several sources. The Cameroon AF might have more aircraft ready, but AIRheads could not obtain reliable information about those aircraft.